World Bitcoin Community Showers the Great Explainer Antonopoulos With Love and $700,000+

Andreas Antonopoulos announced publicly he’d paid down his debt and could finally get to the business of fully participating in the monetary movement he helped cultivate. This, in turn, caused some to remind others about the prudence of getting-in early when it comes to crypto assets. Mr. Antonopoulos further clarified his plight, detailing how the opportunity costs of keeping his bitcoin would’ve placed his family at financial risk. Rather than do that, he sold it all to stay afloat back in 2013. What happens next is a testimony to the generosity of bitcoiners, and the love our community has for the Greek citizen of the internet, with his Eddie Munster hairlines.

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World Bitcoin Community Showers the Great Explainer Antonopoulos With Love and $700,000+

Love for Our Own

Andreas Antonopoulos has gone through nearly all of the hundreds percentage bitcoin price increase without enjoying its spoils. Mr. Antonopoulos isn’t just some guy who missed out on the crypto gravy train. He’s arguably the most respected and influential personality in the decentralized currency world. That he, of all people, was toiling away to get above water in terms of personal finances came as a shock to many of his fans.

Bitcoin Community Shows Love for the Heroic Andreas Antonopoulos

Faster than a bitcoin transaction confirmation, the pan-crypto community came to a sudden realization, albeit subconsciously: How did we let this happen?! Twitter raged. Reddit posse’d up. Mr. Antonopoulos’ bitcoin address (1andreas3batLhQa2FawWjeyjCqyBzypd) and Patreon Read More Here