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Everyone is jumping on AI and its advancements and growth in popularity in the recent years have proved a valuable opportunity for businesses and households.

Big industry players have already made strides in research, and some of the largest tech companies in the world have been investing in building their own AI framework, making it accessible not only to enterprises but also independent developers.

Large tech companies are harnessing the power of AI as more research developments are making strides in improvement in artificial intelligent technology.

Here is how some of the tech giants are approaching chatbots:

Amazon Chatbot – Alexa

The success of its Echo products spurred Amazon to put Alexa into a wider range of devices such as lamps, speakers, clocks, and cars. Earlier in 2017, Amazon launched a smart Wi-Fi speaker that uses voice recognition to not only respond to commands, but also display what it sees. It is a 7-inch touchscreen-equipped digital assistant called Echo Show powered by Alexa that allows you to connect home appliances and accessories.

Amazon wants its technology to be the dominant voice computing platform. To that end, the company is making its voice control technology available to all and is giving developers the ability to access the power tools used by Alexa. Amazon Lex combines speech recognition, text recognition, and conversational interactions to make it easier for tech companies to integrate voice or text-based chat interfaces for their apps.

Google Chatbot – Cleverbot

Google HomeGoogle Assistant has been making large technological strides recently. In response to the Amazon Echo, Google Assistant is similar to Google Now, but the service goes beyond your phone and is integrated into Google Home.

It operates in multiple languages and offers more games and activities, including a partnership with Target that allows users to Read More Here