In many organizations, human resources are labeled as the most valuable asset. Yet, you’ll occasionally hear a few snickers from skeptics.

Opponents of the employees-as-company-assets mindset believe that more than a label, managers need to treat employees in more meaningful ways to really show value for the gem they have in their hands. This is why managers need to look after their employees’ training and development not only to increase the latter’s productivity at work but also to engage them in ways that acknowledge them as more than just a number in the organization.

Here are five reasons why investing in employee training programs is good for your business.

1. It helps attract and retain great talent.

By training your staff through employee development programs, you might overcome major hurdles in the hiring process and employee retention that many organizations experience. For one, employees regard training initiatives as one way of improving their craft based on the premise that such programs are educational in nature.

By sponsoring sales training programs, for instance, your salespeople can gain new or additional insights to improve their selling skills as well as develop their self-confidence and positive attitude at work. Needless to say, your reputation as a good employer that cares about your employees’ professional development will also be enhanced. As you help your employees further their skills and achieve personal growth, you create a goldmine of talent, which can give your business a market edge over competitors.

2. It identifies which employees are worthy of promotion.

Trained employees can form your pool of candidates for possible future promotion as they have developed certain levels of competence over time. With this pool, you need not look further for qualified candidates for managerial or executive posts in your organization, which, incidentally, are best given to someone promoted from within the organization.

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