North Korea has been launching missiles and issuing threats against the Unites States for years. But in addition to nukes, Kim Jong Un’s regime has also likely been working on the cyber front to design attacks against America. We spoke with Ang Cui, founder of Red Balloon Security, about what types of attacks North Korea might be able to pull off based on what we have seen elsewhere in the world. Following is a transcript of the video.

Ang Cui: Hello, my name is Ang Cui. I am the founder and chief scientist of Red Balloon Security.

You know the question of whether North Korea has the capability of disrupting our critical infrastructure is pretty clearly answered: yes. They have the capability like many other people on this planet.

Attribution is very difficult in cybersecurity. So let’s look at it a simpler way. What is the capability that someone like North Korea can get access to and put to use? Can they reach into this country and turn down the power? Or can they interrupt our telecommunication? This is no longer the state of art and strictly restricted to nation states. Someone with a modest amount of resources and some amount of time can probably pull this off.

So, for example, a few years ago, there was a power plant that was disabled in the Ukraine. That significantly disrupted their power infrastructure. The same type of embedded controllers that live inside that Ukrainian power plant are the same ones that we use in the United States and in a whole lot of other places in the world.

If an attacker has the ability to reach one of those devices in the Ukraine, they can certainly reach into devices that live here in the United States.

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