The design of your office can have a big impact on the success – or lack thereof – of your employees and organization as a whole. Few know how big a role the design of a workspace plays better than Devin Vermeulen, creative director of WeWork, a provider of shared workspaces and services to entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses of all sizes.

Vermeulen was the company’s fifth employee when he was hired in 2010. He helped build the WeWork brand and was especially integral to developing the company’s experience-focused approach to design. In his current role, Vermeulen leads the company’s team of designers as they work to create WeWork’s conceptual direction for numerous interior design projects.

Prior to joining WeWork, Vermeulen was the in-house store designer for Brooklyn Industries. While there, he presented on a variety of topics, including wellness in design and the future of workplace, for panels at the Urban Land Institute, Worktech London, Design Junction and Dwell on Design. He was also a project manager for O’Neil Langan Architects and a design assistant for Daniel Goldner Architects.

We recently had the chance to speak to Vermeulen about workplace design and shared office spaces.

Q: Why should organizations put some real thought into workplace design when setting up their offices?

A: Workplace design has significant impact on functionality, and just as importantly on the company’s culture and the employee experience. By considering how the spaces are designed before occupying, companies can make intentional decisions on how they want their teams to interact and work together. Employers should want their teams to be happy and comfortable within the space; therefore, design is a crucial aspect of taking up any space.

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