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A pink slip reportedly awaits Rex Tillerson; two candidates claim presidential victory in Honduras; the Senate sings the same old song, this time on tax reform.

State Department shake-up

 Mark Wilson/Getty Images
  • Here’s a good reason to never call your boss “a moron.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is probably going to get fired, and the White House wants current CIA Director Mike Pompeo to take his job. [NYT / Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman, and Gardiner Harris]
  • This national security team shake-up isn’t exactly a shocker. Trump had grown dissatisfied with the former Exxon Mobil CEO, and has undercut Tillerson on everything from North Korea to Qatar. Tillerson’s axing had become a matter of when, not if. [Axios / Jonathan Swan]
  • Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly is reportedly orchestrating the personnel shuffle — but it’s unclear if Trump has signed off. The president told reporters, “Rex is here,” during a visit with the crown prince of Bahrain on Thursday. [Washington Post / Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker, and Anne Gearan]
  • CIA Director Mike Pompeo is widely expected to become top diplomat after Tillerson gets his pink slip — or saves some face and resigns. Trump reportedly has a good working relationship with Pompeo, something Tillerson and Trump sorely lacked. But while Tillerson’s ideology was a bit of a wild card, Pompeo tends to share the same worldview as Trump. And that might feed the president’s worst instincts. [Vox / Alex Ward]
  • Pompeo may like the sound of “Secretary of State Pompeo.” He has reportedly put out Read More Here