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The Trump administration signals a much tougher stance on recreational pot; Iceland gives its equal pay laws some teeth.

Jeff Sessions’s new marijuana policy is pissing off both Republicans and Democrats

 Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
  • The Trump administration signaled a dramatic shift in marijuana policy today, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era memo that basically told federal drug prosecutors to stand down and let states decide for themselves whether to legalize marijuana. [Vox / German Lopez]
  • Sessions is taking a much tougher stance on pot than his predecessors. The Obama-era memo made it clear that federal prosecutors wouldn’t go after marijuana businesses in states that have legalized recreational pot, including Colorado, Washington state, California, and the District of Columbia. (Maine and Massachusetts also legalized pot, but it isn’t set to go into effect until the summer.) [Vox / German Lopez]
  • Right now Sessions has just rescinded the old memo, so it’s not exactly clear what the next steps are. Some in the Justice Department say it will give US attorneys more ability to decide which cases to prosecute. [BuzzFeed / Dominic Holden and Zoe Tillman]
  • But by taking this position, the Trump administration is pissing off liberals and conservatives alike. Many Republicans see marijuana as a states’ rights issue, and something the federal government should stay out of. [National Review / Michael Tanner]
  • Trump is also directly contradicting one of the campaign promises he made during the 2016 election, when he said he would leave Read More Here