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FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe makes an abrupt exit; the fitness app Strava could be betraying the location of US military members in sensitive locations.

McCabe makes his exit

Pete Marovich/Getty Images
  • FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down earlier than expected. He was supposed to retire in March, but he announced that he’s leaving now. [Jesse Rodriguez via Twitter]
  • McCabe hasn’t publicly said anything about why he’s leaving now, but he has been the subject of stepped-up attacks from both President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, as part of larger insinuations that the FBI is biased against the president. [Vox / Zack Beauchamp]
  • The New York Times reported on Monday that McCabe stepped down after pressure from FBI Director Christopher Wray, who suggested demoting McCabe after reading an inspector general report that examined the behavior of some FBI officials during the 2016 campaign. Rather than be demoted, the deputy director instead chose to leave, according to sources close to McCabe. [NYT / Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo]
  • The big picture here is that Trump has been going after McCabe relentlessly in recent weeks, both publicly in tweets and privately. Seemingly obsessed with loyalty, Trump reportedly asked McCabe whom he voted for in 2016 and questioned him about his wife, who is a Democrat and ran for office in Virginia. [Washington Post / Ellen Nakashima, Josh Dawsey, and Devlin Barrett]
  • This has accelerated after the Read More Here