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  • Verizon’s Oath is planning to pool together data from both inside the company and from digital competitors in an attempt to build a more powerful ad targeting mechanism.
  • The company touted its rich data sources in conversations with ad buyers at CES.
  • Advertisers would love Oath – which includes both AOL and Yahoo – to emerge as a forceful competitor to Google and Facebook, but will only be patient for so long.

Oath promises it can help advertisers who are tired of the Google/Facebook duopoly by using its vast pool of data for ad targeting.

And now it’s getting more help in that fight.

The Verizon-owned division — an amalgamation of digital media assets cobbled together from acquisitions of AOL and Yahoo over the past three years — has built a group of outside companies which have agreed to pool together data that can be used for ad targeting.

Tim Mahlman, Oath’s president of advertiser and publisher strategy, said that the company presented this data-consortium concept during more than 20 meetings with marketers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The plan is to join forces with companies that have rich but limited data sets on their own to build a deep set of digital profiles that can help Oath compete with digital titans.

“Everything we do points to how we are going to win in mobile,” said Mahlman.

Indeed, a big part of the rationale behind Verizon’s acquisitions of AOL and Yahoo is that it can theoretically identify consumers – anonymously – using its vast pool of consumer data.

Oath has tons of data, but not like Google

For example, Oath has data from:

  • Verizon customers who have opted in, such as information on where they live and what mobile apps they use
  • Millions of email accounts from AOL and Yahoo
  • Millions of fantasy sports customers
  • What many Read More Here