He remembers names (that are written on placards) — congratulations, America!

Donald Trump’s entire political career has been a bizarre exercise in large-scale lowering of the bar for what’s considered acceptable conduct in a high-ranking public official. But we as a society somehow reached a new low Tuesday afternoon after Trump staged a pointless, unproductive televised discussion of immigration policy with several members of Congress and successfully earned media plaudits for the feat of not suffering from any obvious symptoms of dementia.

I wish I were exaggerating, but this literally happened.

Emily Stephenson, a Politico editor, tweeted that the session was “a rebuke of reports that [Trump] is less than fully capable” while promoting a Louis Nelson story that congratulated the president for his ability to recall the names of the participants in the meeting he organized.

Trump’s unusually public negotiating session seemed like a rebuke of reports that he is less than fully capable. https://t.co/0gjVexEifw @louisjnelson

— Emily Stephenson (@ewstephe) January 9, 2018

I asked what about the meeting demonstrated that Trump is capable, and she replied that she meant, quite literally, that the meeting seemed to show that Trump knows the names of several members of Congress.

Story doesn’t say he was or wasn’t impressive, just that he wasn’t repeating stories and forgetting names like the book indicated.

— Emily Stephenson (@ewstephe) January 9, 2018

This tendency reached comical new heights via David Martosko of the Daily Mail, who first congratulated Trump for a commanding display the likes of which we’d never seen from Barack Obama before swiftly retreating to the contention that Trump had proven he’s not senile.

Y’all can stop reminding me about Obama in 2010. Those were great events too. In this context, though, Trump’s seemed calculated to push back about all Read More Here