Three videos were retweeted this morning from the account of the deputy leader of Britain First.

President Donald Trump spent part of his Wednesday morning retweeting three videos about alleged Islamist violence. One claimed to show a Muslim man destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary; another professed to have captured a “Muslim migrant” beating up a “Dutch boy on crutches,” and a third seemed to show Muslim men pushing a boy off a building.

There were two problems. First, at least one of the videos was fake; reports quickly emerged showing that the perpetrator in the video about the Dutch boy is apparently neither Muslim nor a migrant. The video of teens being pushed from a rooftop is apparently three and a half years old and took place in Egypt, during a spasm of violence following the ouster of then-Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. At least one of the perpetrators was executed for the crime. The third video’s source remains unverified.

The much more disturbing issue is that the videos had all been originally posted by Jayda Fransen, a leader of a far-right British political party called Britain First.

This isn’t the first time Trump has retweeted a fringe political group. In early 2016, he retweeted (and then deleted) a message from the now-suspended account @WhitegenocideTM known for espousing openly racist, anti-Semitic, white supremacist views.

The president also has a track record of targeting Muslims. In 2015, he proposed a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” During the 2016 presidential campaign he contemplated creating a database of Muslims in America. After becoming president, he instituted a ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim nations entering the US. (The ban has been blocked by an array of federal courts.)

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