The US has pursued disruptive interventions in the countries he’s now calling “shitholes.”

President Donald Trump has come under intense criticism for comments he made about black and Latino countries, particularly those made about Haiti and its immigrants during a meeting with a group of senators on Thursday discussing bipartisan solutions for immigration reform.

According to a report from the Washington Post, Trump became frustrated when lawmakers brought up immigration protections for people from Haiti, El Salvador, and certain African countries during the meeting. Specifically, however, he reportedly asked, “Why do we need more Haitians?” in the immigration program. “Get them out.”

He is reported to have also said, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump also suggested that the US should instead aim to bring in more immigrants from countries like Norway.

The comments kicked off a wave of criticism, with many observers pointing out this was another entry for the president’s history of racist and xenophobic remarks. But most glaringly, it seemed Trump was overlooking the role American policy has played in creating the very conditions he was deriding.

I know Trump doesn’t care or care to know about America’s history in Haiti, but for anyone listening to his shithole remarks, don’t forget the US OCCUPIED Haiti for 19 years. And many immigrants come here bc of America’s aggressive foreign policy blunders.

— Ahmed Shihab-Eldin (@ASE) January 12, 2018

Taxi driver: When are Americans going to start talking about the foreign policies their leaders backed that helped these places become shithole countries?

— Eugene Scott (@Eugene_Scott) January 12, 2018

Many of the countries Trump criticized have been affected by US foreign policy

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