This Week in Bitcoin: Big Bangs, Huge Swings, and a Word from the White House

Every week we tell ourselves “This one’s got to be quieter” and yet every week we’re proven wrong. Welcome to the latest and craziest edition of This Week in Bitcoin. We’ve no idea where this madness is gonna end; all we know is that there’s no time to assess the situation – there’s too much stuff happening in bitcoin. For those of you who were forced to sleep at some stage this week, here’s a roundup of what you may have missed.

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Bitcoin Goes Bang

We tried to teach you about ways in which bitcoin is changing the world. We tried to inform you of cryptocurrency regulation in developing countries. We even tried to impart cautionary advice regarding margin trading. But all you wanted to hear about was bitcoin appearing on The Big Bang Theory. We said:

[Bitcoin] has been featured on many television broadcasts over the years. This includes shows like The Good Wife, Mr. Robot, The Simpsons, and even on Jeopardy. The Big Bang Theory’s upcoming show was also filmed a while back when bitcoin was averaging $5K per BTC….This week’s BBT episode is sure to bring more attention towards the ‘Internet of Money’ alongside a touch of laughter.

All of this week’s most popular stories were of the low-brow variety, but that’s okay: amidst all the heart-pounding drama of watching the ticker hit $11,300, shed $2,000 and then rise again like a phoenix from the flames, some respite was needed. You got all that in our tale of a man who lost 1,000 bitcoins thanks to a faulty thumb drive. As the unfortunate Australian put it, “If my wife knows, I’m dead”.

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