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When you’re dreaming up the best places and hotels to visit in the year ahead, a luxurious Parisian suite with gilded ceilings and gigantic bathtub or a sandy beach-side resort in Bali might come to mind.

But it’s the stripped back, industrial Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia that has been voted the one hotel in the world to visit in 2018.

Global affairs and lifestyle magazine Monocle named Rooms Hotel, Tbilisi the top place to stay in 2018.

The accoloade was given as part of Monocle’s “Travel Top 50” — a list of best-in-class experiences, food, services, and products in their fields decided by Monocle’s international team of editors and writers.

Rooms Hotel’s stripped back decor, farm-to-table restaurant, and emphasis on communal spaces helped it win Monocle’s prestigious title.

Scroll down to take a glimpse around the ultra-modern, Instagram-ready communal spaces and lavish suites in Tbilisi’s Rooms Hotel, where prices start at just $188 (£140) a night.

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Local hospitality meets modern interior design at Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia, a converted Soviet publishing house set in the charming, artistic district of Vera in Tbilisi.

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The hotel revolves around open, communal spaces — such as the open-air terrace…

…and the New-York-inspired restaurant “The Kitchen.”

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