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  • Hearst says it is seeing quick user adoption of content created for voice-enabled devices like Amazon’s Echo.
  • The magazine giant is already making money from its beauty-focused “My Beauty Chat” and is planning to develop voice content across its suite of publications.
  • Voice tech and Amazon are surely key topics of interests for marketers and media executives attending CES this week.

If 2018 is the year of voice, Hearst wants to be on the tip of everybody’s tongue.

After experimenting with voice content on both Amazon’s Alexa platform and Google Home, the magazine stalwart is planning to significantly ramp up voice output this year across its various titles – particularly on Amazon.

To date, Hearst has rolled out voice content (Amazon calls these offerings ‘skills’) such as daily horoscope readings from Elle magazine as well as regular quotes of inspiration from Oprah magazine, voiced by none other than Winfrey herself.

And in November, Hearst unveiled My Beauty Chat, a new Alexa skill that consists of a twice-a-day mini podcast. My Beauty Chat is essentially a born-on-Alexa brand featuring editors from multiple Hearst titles, including Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Oprah and Elle, talking beauty for five to ten minutes a session.

Consumers are gravitating to My Beauty Chat and other skills so quickly, that Hearst plans on making Alexa a priority across the company, according to Chris Papaleo, executive director, emerging tech at Hearst. The hope is to build out a set of skills ahead of other media companies, said Papaleo, while also nabbing key voice real estate and creating hard-to-break consumer habits.

“This is quickly becoming meaningful,” said Papaleo. “Yet the main challenge for media companies on these devices is content discovery. The ones we see that happening with are those designed to be daily habits. And they answer organic questions.”

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