As the new year gets underway, many of us may be finding our ambitious resolutions hard to keep. How do we stay accountable to ourselves? How do we not get discouraged with setbacks?

On the most recent episode of podcast “Call Your Girlfriend,” human rights technologist Sabrina Hersi Issa shared her solution on how not to succumb to the anxiety of getting your goals done in the first month of the year, while still staying accountable to personal progress.

Issa’s pro-tip: Take a personal inventory day each month

Instead of forcing a big goal into an arbitrary deadline like a New Year’s resolution, Issa suggests making goal-setting a part of your everyday lifestyle.”If your dreams are important to you, don’t disrespect them by cramming them into arbitrary new year’s resolutions or birthday deadlines,” Issa says.

To make her “possibility model,” where big goals can be executed successfully, Issa explains, she needed to set up “systems and infrastructures in my life to support my ambitions.”

Issa does this by scheduling a monthly personal inventory day “dedicated to my personal life maintenance” like credit reports, doctors’ appointments, and goal planning. Issa sets hers for the day her birthday occurs, the 16th of every month.

Here’s how to make the most out of your personal day: