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  • A water main broke in Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport and flooded a baggage claim area on Sunday.
  • Many travelers don’t know when they’ll get their luggage back.
  • The Port Authority believes the break may have been caused by the weather.

After enduring massive delays and an extended closure last week due to frigid temperatures and storms, some travelers using JFK International Airport are waiting to learn when they’ll receive their luggage after a water main broke in Terminal 4 on Sunday.

The resulting leak flooded the baggage claim area, leaving some bags submerged in cold water. While many of the bags have been removed from the water, some travelers have said that they have not received any indication of when they’ll get their luggage back.

jfk luggage

The terminal was partially evacuated after the leak and was closed to international flights on Sunday. As of Monday morning, domestic and international flights are running with delays.

In a statement, the Port Authority said the break may have been caused by the weather. It plans to launch an investigation into the incident.

Neither JFK nor Delta Air Lines immediately responded to requests for comment.

LOOK AT ALL THAT LUGGAGE. #JFK madness at a lull this morning, stranded passengers restless and worn out in the waiting area .@CBSNewYork #WatermainBreak #FlightsCancelled #Delays pic.twitter.com/I2zqT4KWzZ

— Magdalena Doris (@MagdalenaDoris) January 8, 2018

jfk luggage

I’d say there’s some luggage at #JFK waiting to be claimed! pic.twitter.com/vbrF3wpryz

— Robert Moses (@RobertMosesFox5) January 8, 2018

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