F 35A

The United States and South Korea are in the midst of a major air exercise over the skies of the Korean Peninsula, in a show of force to Pyongyang.

North Korea has recently become increasingly aggressive with its most recent ICBM test and rhetoric.

The exercise, dubbed “Vigilant Ace,” will last five days, involve 230 warplanes, take place over eight US and South Korean military bases, and include approximately 12,000 personnel.

The drill will also involve two dozen stealth jets — a sign that the US and South Korea are forces to be reckoned with.

Here are some of the planes that are being used in the drill:

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Six F-22 Raptors will take part in the drills.

As will six F-35As — an unusually large number for the Air Force’s newest and most advanced jet.

Twelve F-35Bs, the Marine Corps variant with vertical takeoff and landing, will also make an appearance — making a total of 24 stealth fighter jets.

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