Job interviews are a stressful situation where the stakes are high for you to deliver and impress. When you’re on edge in these make-or-break scenarios, it’s all too easy to put your brain on autopilot and blurt out unrelated nonsense that may have your interviewer scooting away.

To prevent that, we rounded up some of the best psychological mind tricks to get you in the confident and prepared headspace you need to ace an interview:

1) Act like you’ve already gotten the job

To act confident, you need to visualize the finish line and embody the heart and soul of a winner. That’s the technique Capital One human resources executive Meghan Welch told Business Insider successful candidates have used.

It helps if you’ve done the legwork to back this confidence up. Acting like you’ve got the job means you have solutions to questions interviewers bring up. That means preparing beforehand on questions interviewers can ask you, asking your friends to do mock interviews with you, and reading up on the company itself. When you’re that prepared, it will come through in your body language.

When you’re acting as if you already have the role, your interviewers start to see you as a colleague more than one more candidate. For interviewers, Welch said this energy comes off as: “I am super excited about the problem you are talking about right now and I have a whole bunch of ways I would love to solve it.”

Of course, you want to channel the energy of a successful job applicant, but you don’t want to go overboard with it and cross the line into cocky delusion by telling your interviewer: “See you Monday!”

2) Hire-me body language means mirroring your interviewer

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