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  • Europe has 5.5 million software developers but companies are battling it out to hire the best ones.
  • Germany has the most developers but the UK is close behind in second, followed by France in third.
  • These developers are helping European tech startups to scale up into multibillion dollar companies.

A “Battle Royale” for the very best tech talent is raging across Europe, according to a report published on Thursday by venture capital firm Atomico.

There are now 5.5 million software developers across Europe, which is 500,000 more than there were last year. Germany has the most with 837,000, while the UK is close behind with 814,000. France is in third with 467,000.

The tech workforce in Europe is growing three times faster than the overall EU average and there has been a 17% increase in professional developers since 2016, according to the report, which draws on data from LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and other sources. The hiring surge has been fuelled in part by the fact there are twice as many PhD graduates in STEM subjects being produced in Europe than there are in the US, according to Atomico.

But top tech firms with tens of millions of pounds at their disposal want the crème de la crème, as do government leaders of nations across Europe.

“At a regional wide level there is clearly a competition for talent emerging,” Tom Wehmeier, partner and head of research at Atomico, told Business Insider. “The more that we see strong hubs being built through the region the more that tech talent in Europe has optionality in choosing to stay where they are or moving.”

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