The question is whether this makes a deal more likely, or less.

All of a sudden, Senate Democrats are looking ready to shut down the government over immigration. After months of fruitless negotiations over helping to get legal status for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — something President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan have both claimed to want — they seem to have had enough.

But there’s still division in the party over whether a shutdown makes a deal for DREAMers more likely — or less.

Dozens of Senate Democrats have said they are withholding their votes from any government funding bill that doesn’t address DACA. If they hold firm, the federal government will shut down at midnight Friday.

These Democrats’ argument, essentially, is that it’s time to take a stand for DREAMers. A show of strength at a high-profile deadline, they think, is the only way to force a recalcitrant White House to get serious on the issue. They say the public supports a deal, and that Republicans’ own divisions on spending give Democrats an opening. (The former Obama aides behind the Pod Save America podcast have dubbed this faction the “Fight Club.”)

“Republicans control the House, Senate, and the White House, so it’s on them to bring a deal that is supported by 80 percent of the American people,” says an aide to a Fight Club Democratic senator.

But the caucus isn’t entirely united around this strategy. Quietly, some say that a shutdown fight would be downright counterproductive to efforts to help DACA recipients.

These Democrats — let’s call them the “Shutdown Skeptics” — privately worry that forcing a government shutdown could end up torpedoing chances to cut an immigration deal with Trump. “It essentially forces Trump to draw a Read More Here