Shervin Pishevar

  • The PR firm that VC Shervin Pishevar is suing for defamation fired back on Wednesday.
  • Not only did the firm file a motion to dismiss denying all allegations, but it accused Pishevar of using the suit to suppress women from speaking up with allegations of sexual harassment.

The drama surrounding embattled venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar has taken yet another turn.

The PR company that Pishevar is suing has filed a motion to dismiss. And in that motion the company makes all sorts of claims about the motives behind the lawsuit, including allegations that the lawsuit was being used to suppress women from speaking out against Pishevar with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Specifically, Pishevar has sued Definers Public Affairs, alleging it is conducting a smear campaign against him.

Tim Miller, the head of Definers’ Silicon Valley office, has continuously denied all allegations and called Pishevar’s claims “delusional.” On Wednesday Definers formally responded by filing a motion to dismiss.

Definers is known in Washington, D.C. as a Republican-leaning opposition research group. Opposition research is often thought of in terms of digging up dirt on political opponents. Definers recently opened a Silicon Valley office, mostly to offer public relations and government regulation consulting services.

Pishevar filed the lawsuit shortly before several damaging news stories about him were published. This included a news story about being arrested in London when a woman accused him of rape. Pishevar was released, never charged with a crime and the police said they didn’t have enough evidence to pursue it.

Since then, five women came forward alleging sexual misconduct by Pishevar, recounting allegations such as groping or showing them lewd pictures.

On Tuesday, Pishevar announced he was taking a leave of absence from all of his business interests including his investment firm, Sherpa Capital, as well as his role on the board at Read More Here