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  • “The Martian” author Andy Weir has a new novel about a heist on the moon called “Artemis”.
  • The book, which goes on sale Tuesday, strives for a high level of scientific and economic realism to make its story believable.
  • The author used real-world economics to create a reason his fictional moon colony might exist.
  • According to Weir’s calculations, in a few decades it may cost $70,000 for a two-week vacation to the moon.

Editor’s note:
Artemis” is the second sci-fi novel written by Andy Weir, author of the blockbuster sci-fi novel “The Martian.” The new book goes on sale Tuesday.
Just as Weir accomplished with “The Martian”, he strived for a high level of scientific realism with “Artemis”.

But his new story is not a tale of survival like the first.

Instead, “Artemis” is a fictional heist story that takes place at the moon’s first city (also called Artemis). Weir wanted to make the plot as believable as possible, so he became an “armchair economist” and drafted an in-depth financial argument for his lunar colony based on real-world market forces.

When Weir offered us a 3,000-word (and spoiler-free) treatise laying out the economics behind his fictional moon city, we couldn’t resist. Here’s why he thinks lunar vacations just might make the first permanent lunar colony a reality.


Artemis Final Book JacketAre you a pedantic little s—? Do you ask questions like “Why does the Federation have starships if they can beam people hundreds of light-years?” or “Why don’t the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance just mass-produce droids with piloting skills instead of risking their own lives?”

Well, good. So am I.

Artemis” takes place in a city on the Moon. Lunar colonies in sci-fi usually have medium to high levels of Read More Here