iPhone X

  • The iPhone X is the best smartphone you can buy.
  • New features like Face ID work well, but force you to learn new habits.
  • The big new screen is the best feature, but apps need to update to adapt to the new form factor.

The other day, my colleague brought an original iPhone into Business Insider’s video studio to shoot a comparison video with the new iPhone X.

It didn’t hit me until then how much the iPhone has evolved over the last 10 years. The tiny screen. The fuzzy pixels. The camera that couldn’t even shoot video. A measly eight gigabytes of memory. It didn’t even seem like it came from the same company as the iPhone X.

The iPhone X feels like the perfect device to celebrate Apple’s tenth anniversary of the iPhone, a representation of how far tech can go in a decade. I’ve had the iPhone X, which went on sale last Friday, for a week. It’s the best smartphone I’ve ever used, and represents a new direction in how Apple views the iPhone.

And yeah, it costs $999.

The perfect form factor

Apple had fallen behind.

Over the last few years, competitors like Samsung have found ways to out-design Apple by cramming more screen onto the front of their phones, keeping the form factor slim and manageable while giving users plenty of display to work with. The iPhone started looking chunky and dated by comparison, especially as the most recent design entered its third year with 2016’s iPhone 7.

That finally changes with the iPhone X, which is the first major new iPhone design in over three years. It has a slightly bigger screen (5.8-inches) than the one on the iPhone 8 Plus, but Read More Here