iPhone X

  • The iPhone X uses an OLED display, a first for Apple’s products.
  • The display is manufactured by Samsung.
  • DisplayMate’s latest study has declared that the iPhone X’s display is better than the previous champion, Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 8.

The iPhone X has the best display in the world — better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s.

Or so says DisplayMate, a company that specialises in very in-depth analyses of displays of all types to give thorough breakdowns of their quality and properties.

The tests DisplayMate runs are rather scientific, and take into account virtually every metric by which a screen can be calibrated and evaluated.

For the latest Apple handset, it measured colour accuracy, brightness, contrast, screen reflectance, viewing angles, and more — digging deep into features such as TrueTone, NightShift, and Mobile HDR — and eventually crowned the iPhone X’s Super Retina display with their highest-ever grade (A+), which tops the latest Galaxy Note’s.

Apple introduced the iPhone X earlier this year, and with it the company announced its first-ever device that sports an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display.

Rivals like Samsung — which manufactured the iPhone X’s OLED panel — have been using the display technology for quite some time, dating back to the first AMOLED display of 2010’s original Galaxy S phone.

DisplayMate has repeatedly praised the Korean giant’s efforts, in fact, crowning its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines each time for setting a new bar in smartphone display quality.


iPhones since 2014 had remained relatively conservative on the other hand, with liquid crystal (LCD) displays that, while generally good, soon became outmatched by competitors in both resolution, peak brightness, and wideness of the color gamut, among other things.

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