If you ask someone, “What is the purpose of business?” don’t be surprised if you get answers like “to make money,” or “to maximize profits.” Yes, a business has to make money to stay in business, but how this is done is extremely important for long-term success.

Businesses provide goods and/or services based on the needs and wants of other people. If the world needs it and a business can provide it, our needs and wants can be met. How well this is accomplished can be assessed by those who use the products and services using metrics like quality and value. This is the “what,” but what about the “how?”

How businesses meet our requirements starts with their motivation and those of their employees. Let’s use the real estate business as an example. Consider a realtor who is driven by making money, is focused on maximizing the number of real estate transactions each year and who has an insatiable appetite for being recognized each year as the top salesperson. What would this drive, focus and motivation tell you about that person?

Let’s say you didn’t know anything about this person’s character and that you needed the services of a realtor. Since the introduction of the internet, it has become easier to locate people, but it has become harder to distinguish the good from the bad because of marketing hype. The three most common ways of finding this realtor are searching for them online, getting referred to them by someone else or selecting them based on certain factors, such as their sales history.

However, would you want to know if this realtor would throw his or her mother under a bus if they thought it would help them make money? Would you want to know if the person referring you to a realtor was Read More Here