The popular game show app uses a pair of sneaky loopholes to prevent you from ever collecting a prize.

If you’re one of the few and the lucky, you may have made it all the way to the end of HQ Trivia’s twice-daily roundup of 12 trivia questions. The app-based game show, which has taken the land by storm ever since its debut in late October 2017, is famously difficult to win — and not just because the questions get harder as you go along. Increasingly, as the app continues to explode in popularity, glitches and lags often jolt people out of the ability to answer correctly before the scant 10-second window to answer is up.

Those glitches can actually end up benefitting the lucky few who manage to stay connected and win the game. But even if you do win a piece of that day’s jackpot, there’s a catch, and it’s a big one: Most people who win HQ Trivia will never get to collect their cash. Yes, that includes the woman whose $11 win went viral because of her overjoyed reaction. Sorry, Lauren.

Because of some fine print in HQ Trivia’s Terms of Service, most players who win HQ Trivia will likely get caught in a tricky catch-22 that prevents them from being able to cash out their prize money.

This trap has two parts. The first is a requirement that you can’t cash out unless you win at least $20. Although the jackpot for HQ Trivia has been climbing higher and higher, with some recent prizes ranging from $10,000 to $20,000, its pool of participants has also been climbing, which means the amount split by the number of winners is Read More Here