The Ethereum Blockchain is Congested by Cats

Even though Bitcoin is much larger than Ethereum it isn’t the only blockchain to suffer scaling issues: the ethereum network is presently experiencing a transaction backlog. The cause of the commotion? Cats. While the runaway success of Crypto Kitties has prompted widespread amusement, it highlights the vulnerabilities built into ethereum smart contracts. When one ERC20-based project goes viral, it risks taking the entire network down with it.

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Cybersquatting Kitties Cause Carnage

The Ethereum Blockchain is Congested by CatsAs recently reported, Crypto Kitties – a sort of Beanie Babies for the blockchain generation – has proved an unexpected smash hit. Unfortunately, the project seems in danger of becoming a victim of its own success, having risen in a matter of days from just 4% of the total network traffic to 14%. This has resulted in a transaction backlog, with hundreds of kitty lovers waiting for their new pets to be issued on the blockchain, prompting Crypto Kitties to tweet:

Due to network congestion, we are increasing the birthing fee from 0.001 ETH to 0.002 ETH. This will ensure your kittens are born on time! The extra is needed to incentivize miners to add birthing txs to the chain. Long-term solution will be explored very soon!

For impatient virtual pet-owners waiting in line, Crypto Kitties has promised to absorb some of the costs for gas used to send transactions through the ethereum network. The number of unconfirmed transactions in the ethereum mempool soared to 15,000 today, with Crypto Kitties bearing the brunt of the blame.

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