Anne Wojcicki

There was no shortage in healthcare and biotech startup funding in 2017.

By the end of 2017, a new crop of unicorns were born, while others increased their billion-dollar+ valuations.

From companies harnessing the plant microbiome to buzzy biotechs working on cutting-edge technology, here are the unicorns to keep an eye on in 2018, ranked by valuation.

Unless otherwise noted, valuations are according to PitchBook.

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15. Flatiron Health – $1.2 billion

Flatiron Health, a New York-based healthcare technology startup, collects clinical data from cancer patients — such as what medications the patient has taken and how they’ve responded to them.

The hope is that with that information, healthcare professionals can have a better idea of how cancer drugs work in the “real world” — in hospitals and cancer centers — as opposed to during clinical trials. The company has partnered with the FDA over this data, which could one day influence how we treat cancer.

The company most recently raised $175 million in January 2016.

14. Clover Health – $1.2 billion

Venture-backed Clover health sells Medicare Advantage health insurance plans. When seniors in the US turn 65, they can choose to be part of either traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage, which is operated through private insurers like Clover and often provides additional healthcare benefits. The hope for Clover and other technology-based health insurers is to use data to improve patients’ health.

In January, CNBC reported that the company has hit some rough patches, including upsetting patients and missing financial targets.

Founded in 2014, the company most recently raised $130 million in Read More Here