playerunknown's battlegrounds parachuting

In 2017’s biggest game, you parachute to an abandoned island with 100 real players. You’re unarmed, and so is everyone else, but the island is rife with weaponry to be scavenged and used.

The goal once you land: Survive.

That’s the basic premise of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” the biggest game of 2017: Be the last person standing of 100 in a massive fight to the death. With such a thrilling, Hunger Games-esque premise, it’s no surprise that the game has been such a breakaway hit — it’s the most-played game on the world’s largest game service, Steam.

“PUBG” is only available on PC at the moment, but it’s also on the cusp of launching on Xbox One (the game arrives December 12). Though “PUBG” has only featured the one main map since its soft launch back in March, a second map is about to be added — and we just got our first real look at it! Here’s what we know about “Miramar,” the second playable area in 2017’s biggest game:

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The first thing to notice about “Miramar” is that it’s landlocked.

As you can see along the western border, a sheer cliff keeps players from driving off into the distance. On the northern edge, it’s not clear what keeps players from running beyond the boundaries — there may be an “invisible wall” gating players in, or something more natural (like a mountain or valley).

Thematically, it’s clear that Miramar is supposed to be in Mexico or Central/South America somewhere. The name “Miramar” means “sea view” (approximately) in Spanish, and the various areas on the map are clearly written in Read More Here