Battle Chef Brigade

A fantastic game just arrived on the Nintendo Switch, and there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it.

The game is “Battle Chef Brigade,” and it’s a true delight — charming, beautiful, and smart. Best of all, it’s like no other game that’s come out this year.

That’s great news if you’re playing “Battle Chef Brigade,” but it’s unfortunate if you’re in the position of convincing people to check it out (hi!). Explaining what it is takes some effort, but here’s my best attempt.

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You play as Mina, a fledgling cook from a small village who wants to join the ranks of the world’s most serious chefs: the “Battle Chef Brigade”!

Mina is upset. She’s stuck in a small town, working for her mother in her family’s restaurant. She feels trapped.

The only way out for Mina, she realizes, is through cooking. And this is where the bizarre mash-up of gameplay comes in. First, you must hunt for ingredients:

Just outside of Mina’s kitchen is a backyard rife with creatures and plants waiting to be harvested and cooked. This section of the game is called the “hunt,” and it involves hacking and slashing through various types of enemies. Upon killing one of these enemies, ingredients are left in their place.

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