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Get ready for a wave of new smartphones.

Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry’s annual global confab, is about a month away. Every year MWC kicks off a series of announcements from phone manufacturers about new devices.

In addition to offering consumers new choices, the new devices also typically lead us to revise our list of top phones on the market. In many cases, though, we already have an inkling of what’s coming.

Whether you’re in the market for a phone right now or can wait until after the big show, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of the top 20 smartphones you can buy — and our picks for the ones to look forward to.

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20. BlackBerry KeyOne

The KeyOne is BlackBerry’s successor to the Priv. Both run Android and feature physical keyboards. But while the Priv’s keyboard slid out from behind its screen, the KeyOne’s is permanently located just below its display.

The KeyOne is a great device for those who want both a physical keyboard and access to Google’s apps and services, which aren’t available on other BlackBerry devices.

Price: $518

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19. Sony XZ Premium

Jeff Dunn, my former colleague, reviewed this phone for Business Insider and summed it up perfectly:

On the one hand, “this is a good phone,” he wrote. “The screen is great, the software is clean, and the whole thing is superfast.”

But on the other, “with its underwhelming battery and slippery, sometimes uncomfortable design, it’s not the device that should reverse Sony’s fortunes.”

Previously priced at $800, the XZ Premium is now available for less than $600 on Amazon, making living with its shortcomings much more palatable.

Price: $550

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18. Motorola Moto Read More Here