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There’s a great deal of uncertainty for college students when it comes to picking a major — in part because some jobs won’t be in high demand four years down the line.

But according to career site Zippia, which used US census data to estimate the unemployment rate for people 22 to 25 years old in various fields, there are several areas of study that make securing a job much easier.

The majors mostly involve education and the sciences, which tend to have understaffed pockets in more niche roles.

Here are the college majors with the lowest unemployment rates.

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Physics — 4.49%

Physics majors typically land jobs at universities or independent research labs.

With a gap in the labor market for degree holders in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), physics is just one of many hard science majors that can offer job security.

The unemployment rate is still higher than the national rate, however.

Civil Engineering — 4.29%

Engineers cropped up a lot in Zippia’s rankings.

Out of the six total engineering majors, including mechanical, chemical, and general engineering, civil engineering came with the lowest unemployment rate.

Civil engineers focus on designing and maintaining physical structures, such as bridges and roadways.

Biochemical Sciences — 4.22%

Slightly more employable were people working in biomedical sciences, a branch of STEM that typically involves lab workers performing research and working on drug development and testing.

Biomedical scientists also help design new technologies that can aid in improving public health.

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