Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount

And then there were two. The historic, crowdfunded initial coin offering (ICO) start-up Tezos raised a quarter billion USD this summer, and to much acclaim. Now it’s embroiled in three class-action suits, its founders vying for control and legal costs. The latest news from the once-seemingly untouchable team is the resignation of Tezos Foundation Board Member Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, leaving a power vacuum and a community clamoring to be made whole.

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Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount

Tezos Board Must Have Three Members

Kathleen and Arthur Breitman own Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Inc. (DLS), and thereby control the project’s source code. The Foundation, run by the Board, holds the money raised. The Breitmans and Foundation president/founder, Johann Gevers, are currently involved in a battle for control of project’s ultimate direction. At stake are the summer’s funds and the further development of the group’s initial goals.

Reuters reports Mr. Schmitz-Krummacher “resigned because he was frustrated by the infighting, which was consuming a lot of his time.” He’s well known in professional Swiss circles as a straight shooter. He’s Managing Partner of Finances, Legal and Public Relations for Talentory Gmbh. His empty Board seat is effectively the deciding vote between the the Breitmans and Mr. Gevers.

Foundation contributors have yet to receive its proprietary token, Tezzies. Board fighting has pushed the project back beyond its proposed rollouts. At issue is putting the then-quarter of a billion dollars worth of contributions, made in ether and bitcoin, to work on the project proper and, should the Breitmans get their way, to pay Read More Here