Amazon Echo Install Base

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Smart speakers with display screens, also known as smart displays, are gaining traction among some of the biggest tech players in the smart speaker market.

Over the past few days, Google, Baidu, and Facebook, among others, have announced smart-display products or strategies.

These devices — including Amazon’s Echo Show — can perform all the same functions as smart speakers, but they also offer the ability for users to make video calls, watch videos, look at photos, and search the internet, using both their voice and hands. Smart display devices introduce a new form factor to support voice assistants, providing voice assistant companies with another avenue to reach consumers inside the home.

Here are the biggest announcements so far around smart speaker devices at CES 2018:

  • Google and its partners — LG, Lenovo, Sony, and Harman via JBL — unveiled four new Google Assistant-powered smart displays.
    • LG’s new ThinQ WK7 smart display features an 8-inch touch display, about an inch larger than the Echo Show, and boasts Meridian Audio, Chromecast connectivity, and YouTube and Duo support.
    • The Lenovo Smart Display looks similar to a tablet, as it has a full HD touchscreen that can be oriented horizontally or vertically. The device, which will start at $200, provides access to YouTube and can be used to control all of users’ connected devices.
    • JBL’s smart display, dubbed JBL Link View, features an 8-inch touch screen, a 5-megapixel camera, and two front-firing 10E stereo speakers.
    • Details on Sony’s smart display aren’t yet available.
  • Baidu introduced the DuerOS-powered smart display, dubbed Little Fish VS1.The Little Fish VS1 screen-enabled smart speaker is powered by the latest and most advanced version of Baidu’s conversational AI system, Read More Here