The construction industry can be tough to navigate, and for those wishing to hear from fellow professionals about their experiences and advice, there are several podcasts that cover a wide range of topics within the industry.

Below are six podcasts that feature professionals, interviews, and discussions that provide the insight and guidance you may be looking for. These podcasts are currently active and free to download on iTunes, Google Play, and most major podcast platforms.

The ConTechCrew

This podcast, published by construction software maker JBKnowledge, is almost always mentioned first when discussing construction-related podcasts. Hosted by construction consultant Rob McKinny and JBKnowledge’s CEO James Benham, this podcast explores the latest technologies that are changing the industry and how companies can use them to their advantage.

From 3D printing to drones to the latest workflow apps, McKinny and Benham discuss (with a panel of guests) the latest innovations in hardware, software, and equipment for all aspects of the construction business. Guests include experts from the biggest names in the industry like Caterpillar, DeWalt and Milwaukee Tools as well as experts on the latest tech trends and how they can be applied to construction. The team recently hit 100 episodes, so there’s a healthy back catalog of episodes to listen through.

The Construction Leading Edge

This podcast leans toward the business side of the construction industry and is best for owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. Todd Dawalt lends his 20 years of expertise in the construction industry and interviews other construction professionals on their experiences and how they’ve run their companies.

Dawalt and his guests focus their conversations on running a construction business and navigating the industry, especially in volatile times. For aspiring construction entrepreneurs, there are plenty of episodes about getting started in the industry, management techniques in the field and the office, and growing a thriving Read More Here