Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Laundering Money While Prosecuting Ross Ulbricht

A Secret Service agent, key in prosecuting Ross Ulbricht during the infamous Silk Road case, was himself sentenced to prison 7 November 2017 for money laundering crimes while investigating Mr. Ulbricht.

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Courtesy of Ars Technica.

Silk Road Agent Sentenced, Again, to Prison Time

Senior Business Editor at Ars Technica, Cyrus Farivar “was the sole member of the public in court” of San Francisco’s US District Court. He was there to witness a sad chapter in bitcoin history, an infuriating one for most bitcoiners: disgraced US Secret Service agent, Shaun Bridges, was sentenced to two more years of prison.

Agent Bridges is already serving nearly six years for thieving money from Silk Road members while investigating Ross Ulbricht.

Silk Road Secret Service Agent Sentenced for Crimes While Prosecuting Ross Ulbricht
Agent Shaun Bridges.

The new round of prison time stems from charges brought after Agent Bridges was first convicted. Authorities believe he zapped at least 1,600 bitcoins to himself while the ink was drying on that first guilty plea.

As pointed out by Mr. Farivar, Agent Bridges “laundered the funds stolen from the United States government by moving the funds out of the BTC-e account and into other various online wallets and accounts,” according to court documents.

Among many outrages, one immediately jumps out of Mr. Farivar’s accounts. In a courtesy not normally extended non-government citizens, Agent Bridges “was temporarily free between the time that he was previously convicted in late 2015 and then re-arrested in early 2016,” the article claims.

Former prosecuting attorney Kathryn Haun details how while free, Agent Bridges “tried to change names and social security numbers,” and “it seemed that new criminal activity was possibly Read More Here