This is who the president is.

He did it again: President Donald Trump said something derogatory about poor countries populated by people who are not white.

During an immigration meeting with a bipartisan group of senators Thursday, the Washington Post reported, Trump described some countries populated by black and Latino people as “shithole” countries.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” the president said, according to the Post, citing people briefed on the meeting. The Post said Trump was referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.

The White House didn’t quite deny it on Thursday; Trump sort of denied on Twitter Friday morning; and one Democratic senator is now on the record confirming this is what Trump said. It’s clear that Trump said something that can only be construed as racist about these countries, and he probably called it at least some of them “shithole” countries. Everything else is semantics.

This is who Trump is: He elevated his political profile by claiming President Barack Obama wasn’t born in America, he announced his presidential campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, and he has continued to disparage nonwhite people since entering the White House.

He isn’t going to change. But his xenophobia, as the leader of the Republican Party, is also making it harder for Congress to figure out a deal to protect the 690,000 people in the United States at risk of losing their DACA protections.

“Shithole” countries, explained

This is what the Washington Post reported to set off this maelstrom: Trump had called some collection of countries with black and Latino people “shitholes,” he said that the United States shouldn’t be accepting more Haitians, and it should instead be bringing more Scandinavian people into the country:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Read More Here