Rene Boucher is being charged with assaulting a member of Congress, a federal felony offense.

The neighbor who tackled Sen. Rand Paul has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges stemming from the November 3 assault in their gated community in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The attack left the senator with six broken ribs.

Rene Boucher, a 59-year-old retired doctor, will be charged with assaulting a member of Congress, which is a federal felony offense. Prosecutors also cleared up some of the mystery that had been swirling since the incident: the case does, indeed, appear to be yard related. Specifically, the placement of a brush pile.

Paul had just finished mowing his lawn on November 3 when Boucher allegedly saw him “stack brush onto a pile near the victim’s property,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of Indiana. Boucher told prosecutors he “had enough”:

Boucher ran onto the victim’s property and tackled the victim. As a result of this assault, the victim suffered multiple fractured ribs and subsequently contracted and required medical attention for pneumonia. Boucher admitted the assault but denied it was politically motivated.”

The attack on Paul had previously been shrouded by intrigue. Boucher’s lawyer had claimed after the altercation that it sprung from a “trivial dispute.” Media reports painted a picture of a long-simmering property dispute between the two men, possibly over landscaping or yard waste. Other reports speculated on a possible political disagreement. Based on Boucher’s statement to prosecutors, the tussle did have more to do with property than politics.

Boucher had originally been charged with misdemeanor assault, which he pleaded not guilty to in November. It is unclear what will happen with that charge, but Boucher’s attorney, Matthew J. Baker, told the New York Times he expects it to Read More Here