samsung the wall tv CES 2018

  • Samsung unveiled a new TV at CES 2018 it simply calls “The Wall.”
  • Samsung calls The Wall the world’s first “modular” TV, which lets you adjust its size to best fit your environment.
  • The Wall’s “micro LED” display has many of the same benefits as next-generation OLED displays, but without any of the drawbacks like “burn-in.”

LAS VEGAS – Samsung introduced a new 4K HDR TV the company simply calls “The Wall” at CES 2018.

Samsung touts The Wall as the world’s first “modular” TV that lets you adjust its size that will best fit your living room’s wall, or wherever else you’d put a giant TV screen.

The particular model Samsung displayed at CES measures in at 146 diagonal inches. At that size, a TV is indeed better off mounted on a wall, or even sunken into a wall in your home. Even at its enormous size, 4K resolution is razor sharp.

The Wall is also a “micro LED” display, which carries many of the benefits of OLED displays, including the perfect reproduction of the color black, infinity contrast ratio, and gorgeous colors. According to Samsung, micro LED displays don’t suffer from “burn-in” – when artifacts can become stuck and visible even after a scene changes – which can happen on OLED display.

The mix of 4K, HDR, the micro LED display, and its giant 146-inch size is a sight to behold.

the wall samsung tv ces 2018

From my experience at CES, Samsung’s micro-LED displays certainly equal OLED display in picture quality, and it could feasibly be used for smaller TV sets that don’t necessarily take up an entire wall. But whether or not micro LED TVs could contend for a spot in your living room over OLED TVs remain to be seen.

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