lgd nobezel smartphone

  • In a patent application published Thursday, Samsung showed off what its Galaxy devices might look like if they had edge-to-edge displays.
  • In the proposed design, Samsung would place sensors such as the front camera under small holes in the devices’ displays.
  • The design would allow Samsung to avoid having to carve out of its phones’ screens a notch like the one found on Apple’s iPhone X.

Take that Apple — Samsung has come up with a design for a borderless phone that doesn’t have a notch.

The Korean electronics maker has filed for a patent for a phone design that wouldn’t carve out a big chunk of the device’s display for sensors such as a front camera. Instead, those sensors would be placed behind tiny holes, allowing the rest of the screen to be used to display images, apps, or other visual information.

If Samsung were able to successfully commercialize the design, it could represent a major advance over phones such as Apple’s iPhone X, which famously includes its sensors in a notch.

Uncovered by Dutch publication Let’s Go Digital, the patent application was published Thursday by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Samsung originally filed it last May, long before Apple unveiled the iPhone X.

On older smartphones, the front cameras, proximity sensors, and other sensors are typically located in the border area above their displays. On newer devices which have borderless screens, such as the iPhone X and the Essential Phone, those components are placed inside of a notch. In either case, the area around the sensors doesn’t work like the rest of the devices’ touchscreens; it can’t display images nor is it usually touch-sensitive. And, at least with the notch, some consumers aren’t fans of how it looks.

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