• Salesforce opened its new offices in Salesforce Tower on Monday with fanfare including a live DJ and a photo booth.
  • At 1,070 feet and 61-stories high, Salesforce Tower is the biggest building in San Francisco. It’s completely changed the city’s skyline.
  • Only two floors worth of people moved in Monday, but Salesforce is leasing half of the building.

SAN FRANCISCO — Salesforce employees moved in to their new home in the recently-erected Salesforce Tower on Monday, greeted by heavy sheets of rain and the rousing beats of DJ Cameron.

Cameron, a local DJ hired by the company for move-in day, eagerly pumped out a soundtrack for the migrating workforce. A pair of staffers nearby manned a photo booth that transformed the wet, newly-arrived employees into animated GIF images that danced alongside an augmented reality bear.

In classic Salesforce style, the scene in the lobby sought to create excitement around a milestone day in the company’s history. The 61-story Salesforce Tower is the centerpiece of the $79 billion company’s new San Francisco headquarters. The gleaming glass building dominates the San Francisco skyline, underscoring the company’s status as one of the city’s iconic companies and biggest employers.

Salesforce TowerDespite the fanfare, only two floors of employees at the software company started their work week in the newly opened skyscraper on Monday, according to a woman working in the lobby. And by late morning, there was little foot traffic besides a few people who work for the building.

Salesforce wouldn’t confirm a headcount or which teams are moving into the new building. But the company, which employs around 25,000 people, has a lease for half the space in the 61-story building.

Now, employees in San Francisco will spread between five buildings in downtown San Francisco: Salesforce East, Salesforce West, Read More Here