You can achieve numerous important goals with the help of a Facebook contest. It may promote your brand by increasing your marketing reach and public awareness. A contest can bring new followers and fans, enlarging your audience. Furthermore, contests and sweepstakes pose a fantastic opportunity to collect useful information about your audience. These stats are invaluable because they provide insights into your followers’ interests, preferences and lifestyles, giving you the big picture of worthwhile future content and customer care priorities.

What makes a Facebook contest successful is thorough planning and implementation. It’s also likely that you will need substantial resources and time. At the same time, running a Facebook contest can be an enjoyable experience.

All set for the game? Just follow the steps below.

1. Set goals and specify metrics.

What do you want to achieve? It’s important to adjust the objectives of the contest with your general social media strategy and current campaigns. While a stand-alone contest may be useful in some scenarios, leveraging Facebook marketing opportunities to support a larger-scale business initiative is certainly more efficient. Knowing the overall marketing objectives makes it easier to extract the clear-cut goals of the specific Facebook contest and define the relevant metrics for measuring your success.

2. Select the contest type.

The common Timeline contests, including caption competitions, can be handy for small marketing campaigns. The main drawback of these promotions is that they don’t harvest the participants’ email addresses or social details. They usually don’t cover big audiences either.

To launch a more advanced contest, such as a video or essay promotion, it’s a good idea to engage a third-party platform that provides additional design options. This way, you can make sure the design is visually attractive and appropriately represents your branding.

Another benefit of applying for a provider’s assistance is a wider selection of formats for Read More Here