The New Yorker reached out to more than a dozen people who say they had heard the story.

In Roy Moore’s hometown of Gadsden, Alabama, the fact that the GOP Senate candidate dated teenagers was hardly a secret, according to two new reports.

The New Yorker’s Charles Bethea reported Monday on rumors that Moore was banned from the local mall for repeatedly trying to pick up teenagers — finding “more than a dozen” people who said they had heard about the ban (although they weren’t all sure it really existed).

And Gadsden residents told, the website of several Alabama newspapers, that Moore’s habit of “flirting with and dating much younger girls” was well-known.

“These stories have been going around this town for 30 years,” Blake Usry, who grew up in the Gadsden area, told’s Anna Claire Vollers. “Nobody could believe they hadn’t come out yet.”

The reporting fills in more background on the unspooling narrative about Moore’s indiscretions and suggest that, at least in parts of his home state, rumors about them have circulated for years. Five women, including a new accuser who came forward on Monday, have now accused Moore of inappropriate contact with young woman in the late 1970s, when they were teenagers and he was a prosecutor in his early 30s.

Roy Moore reportedly spent a lot of time at the mall

The Gadsden Mall — a teenage hangout in the town — has been a recurring theme in stories about Moore.

Sources recounted to the Post that Moore had a reputation for walking around the mall, alone, “well-dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt.” At least two of the women who spoke to the Washington Post said Moore had first approached them at the mall. Gloria Thacker Deason said she met Moore while working Read More Here