But he called the Washington Post story “completely false and misleading.”

Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore dropped by Sean Hannity’s radio program Friday afternoon to respond to allegations that he’d pursued sexual encounters with four teenagers when he was in his 30s — including one woman who said she was 14 when Moore approached her.

And while he called the story “completely false and misleading,” he said he “didn’t dispute” that he used to date girls as young as 16.

Moore on whether he dated teenagers while in his 30s: “Not generally, no”

Hannity pressed Moore on whether he had dated girls in their teens when he was in 30s. “Not generally, no,” the former judge said in response.

It was one of many bizarre defenses offered by Moore, who denied the most explosive of the allegations in the Washington Post report — that as a 32-year-old in 1979 he had kissed and touched 14-year-old Leigh Corfman on multiple separate occasions.

“First, let me say this: These allegations are completely false and misleading,” Moore fired off, describing himself as a father and grandfather who has a “special concern for the protection of young ladies.”

But he also conceded that 40 years ago, he “dated a lot of young ladies.”

Moore: I never dated “any girl without the permission of her mother”

Moore said he never had contact with Corfman, but admitted he “recognized the names” of at least two of the women named in the Post investigation.

“I do recognize the names of two of these young women: Debbie Wesson and Gloria Thacker,” Moore told Hannity, though he contested the details of their stories. Wesson, named Debbie Wesson Gibson in the Post story, said she was 17 when Moore met her in a high school civics class, and they went Read More Here