It’s an indicator of where the site is headed.

Justice League reviews will start coming out early Wednesday morning — the studio-imposed embargo lifts at 2:50 am Eastern on November 15. But anyone who’s wondering whether the film will be deemed “fresh” or “rotten” by Rotten Tomatoes will have to wait another day for the site to reveal its rating. And that’s raising some eyebrows.

A couple weeks ago, on October 31, Rotten Tomatoes announced the launch of a weekly show called Rotten Tomatoes See It / Skip It, broadcast on Facebook via the social media site’s Watch platform. One of the show’s regular features is a “Tomatometer Score Reveal” — and this week’s reveal is Justice League, the hotly anticipated DC Extended Universe movie that unites Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and The Flash. The episode containing the reveal is scheduled to air at 12:01 am on Thursday, November 16.

The choice to hold the film’s Tomatometer score is a savvy one, from Rotten Tomatoes’ perspective — especially as advertising for See It / Skip It. The site has long billed itself as merely a review aggregator, a kind of landing spot that gathers the critical opinions of thousands of “Tomatometer-approved critics” around the world, then assigns a score that correlates to the percentage of positive reviews.

But the site also publishes news, interviews, and columns, and by moving into original programming with See It / Skip It, hosted by entertainment journalists Jacqueline Coley and Segun Oduolowu, Rotten Tomatoes seems to be edging toward not just pointing towards others’ opinions but serving up some of its own. Since the show’s launch, it’s hosted the score reveal for A Bad Moms Christmas and announced a score for Star Trek: The Original Series. Coley and Oduolowu Read More Here