Barr has a testy exchange with reporters while promoting the new season of Roseanne.

“That’s your opinion,” Roseanne Barr said to a reporter who had suggested Donald Trump was a xenophobe.

TV reporter Soraya Nadia McDonald, a writer for The Undefeated, had asked Barr why Roseanne Conner, the historic protagonist of Barr’s groundbreaking 1988-1997 sitcom Roseanne, would have supported Donald Trump for president when, during the show’s original run, she spoke out forthrightly against the sort of xenophobia and racism Trump seemed to represent. Now, in the show’s 2018 revival (debuting in March), Roseanne is a Trump supporter, while her sister Jackie is anything but, which has caused a rift between the two.

It was a good question to ask on a creative level, since tracing that evolution from an earlier iteration of Roseanne Conner to a later one could offer at least one interpretation of why there were several voters who flipped from being Obama voters in 2012 to Trump voters in 2016, a category it’s not hard to picture Roseanne Conner falling into. (It’s worth stating the character lives in Illinois, so her vote for Trump didn’t ultimately matter all that much in terms of the electoral college.)

But the question took on a weird metatextual significance when you consider that Barr herself is one of the president’s foremost celebrity supporters, to the degree that she says her children took her Twitter away from her so as not to have her public proclamations overshadowing the return of the show. And Barr spent almost as much time during the revival’s Television Critics Association winter press tour press conference dodging questions about her Trump support as she did attempting to explain why her TV husband, Dan (John Goodman), was still alive in the revival when the Read More Here