reid hoffman peter thiel

  • Billionaire investors Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel have been friends for 30 years and worked together at PayPal.
  • They are opposites politically but often agree on business and career insights, like the role of graduate schools today.
  • Both fear business and law degrees can lead to stagnant group think.

Reid Hoffman, an influential Democratic donor, and Peter Thiel, President Donald Trump’s liaison to Silicon Valley, rarely agree on anything — and that’s actually been the basis of their 30-year friendship.

As Hoffman explained in the season two premiere of his podcast “Masters of Scale,” he and Thiel have long enjoyed intensely debating politics, but they find common ground in their approaches to investing in startups and educating entrepreneurs.

The “Masters of Scale” team sent Business Insider an exclusive deleted scene from the podcast episode, in which Hoffman and Thiel discuss why they’re both wary of business and law schools — especially for entrepreneurs — but with nuanced differences.

You can find the full episode below.

When Hoffman asked Thiel what he would recommend to someone considering getting a degree from either, Thiel said, “you should identify someone with a JD or an MBA who’s using it, who’s a good role model for you in one way or another.”

“So I think I got a JD because of the abstract prestige, because I didn’t know what else to do, and I didn’t concretely think through what it would be like to be a lawyer,” he told Hoffman.

Education without purpose is a waste of time and resources

Thiel has an undergraduate degree and law degree from Stanford. He started the Thiel Fellowship in 2010, which has given 104 young people $100,000 to forego an undergraduate degree in order to pursue developing their startup, which he considers more valuable and practical for a Read More Here