Here’s a smack of cold, hard truth to the face for you: If you wake up every single day, cringing at the thought of going to work … something has to give. And while we would all love to live in the lap of luxury without worrying about a paycheck, the vast majority of the population needs to log those hours to make ends meet — and exceed. One solution is to seek and secure a new gig, where your passions and talents will be celebrated and appreciated.

If you’ve been in the same field or the same company for several years though, the idea of moving might be equally exciting as it is overwhelming. Trained recruiters have vast, trusted connections across many industries, giving you a better shot at getting your resume — and your face! — in front of the right person.

But when recruiters take on new clients, they’re very specific about their selection process. Since their network is their livelihood, they will only assist a job seeker if they know they can vouch for their skill set. And since they’ve seen the best of the best — and ahem, the worst of the worst — they often have the inside knowledge on what employers find to be off-putting.

Here, they share what past clients say leads to an instant rejection letter:

You apply to multiple positions

So there’s a company you really, really (really, really!) want to work for. And to get in the door, you think it’s A-OK to apply for as many openings as seem somewhat plausible for your background and interest. Though it’s great to have a goal and affinity toward a specific corporate mission or offering, founder and diversity recruiter at East Coast Executives, Kenneth L. Johnson says it’s better to have a strategic, targeted position in Read More Here