He was charged for making false statements to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

On Friday, December 1, Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with one count of making false statements to the FBI. Flynn is expected to plead guilty to the char as part of a cooperation deal in which he’d provide information to Mueller’s team.

The charge related to an interview FBI agents conducted with Flynn on January 24, 2017, just days after President Donald Trump took office and Flynn began serving as his top national security aide.

According to the charging document, Flynn made false statements to the FBI about his contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislayk during the transition period. The alleged false statements related to discussions Flynn had with Kislyak about sanctions that President Obama had just placed on Russia, and about a planned United Nations Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements.

You can read the full charging document here, and our fuller explainer on Flynn’s situation here:

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